Creativity is an Artform

In his earlier years, Q Harper discovered an interest in the creative arts. His urge to create was as natural as playing is to most children. From drawing on a canvas, to dancing in school hall ways, Q Harper indulged in multiple creative outlets. There was a constant battle for his attention between the fine arts and dance. Even though it was the fine arts that sparked this love of creation, eventually creative movement became his primary medium.

Known for his diversity and footwork, Q Harper has amazed crowds while preforming with Royal Flush. He showed off his wide range of styles, while performing on MTV's Americas Best Dance Crew. His combination of B-Boying, hip- hop choreography, and original tricks, has given him the opportunity to work with many artist such as T-Pain. He has performed on multiple TV programs, and taught at some of the top studios across the US. His down to earth charm, versatility, and experiences, have molded him into the well rounded creative he is today.