Miami Inspiration & Tips on Performing in Public

I recently had to take a last minute trip out to Miami for an event, while we were there, we checked out one of the many art districts that Miami is known for. One of my favorite spots was the Wynwood Walls area, which is known for their amazing murals that cover almost every wall, of every building in the area...and I'm even exaggerating! I don't think any artist could walk around that place and not be inspired. So on our last day in Miami, we made sure to go back to Wynwood and filmed an artsy dance video without any real planning.

I've performed on stages and in crowds with thousands of people watching, so dancing in front of random pedestrians in the street should be easy, right? WRONG, it's a completely different feeling when you are dancing out in the open where people aren't expecting a show... Oh and I was dancing alone, with headphones on, so they couldn't even hear my music.  People walking by would see me...dancing in silence...while my camera lady filmed.  If you haven't already been in this type of situation, I can tell you, it can be very awkward and anyone who's done it knows what I'm talking about. So here are 2 tips for getting over that awkward feeling.

Always Have an Audience

Dance in front of people more often!  Dance in front of your friends, family, strangers, people in class, while standing in line at the grocery store.... Dance Everywhere.  If you take dance classes, go to parties, or dance sessions, there are always other opportunities to get out there and show what you got.  Take advantage of those times.  The more you do it, the more comfortable and confident you will be with yourself.

Embrace the Stares

You have to understand that people are always watching regardless of what you doing.  You can walk across the street in a slightly busy area and I can guarantee at least three people glanced at you crossing the street.  So you can imagine that a dancer performing in public is going to get a few looks, if not a small crowd at times.  

We tend to think the worst and assume people are looking at us weird, but mostly people are watching simply out of curiosity, and you have caught their attention enough to stick around. If they are digging your moves, you might even be able to feed off of that positive energy and dance even better! 

There will also be people who will look and just keep walking.....because they really don't care what your doing. You should be like those people.  It's great if others are impressed, but if they aren't, or even hate your dancing, why does that matter?  You will probably never even see those same people again.  Random stares DO NOT matter.  What does matter is what you set out to do, whether it is filming a project or street performing.  Get in your zone, don't take yourself or others too seriously and have fun!

Just utilize these two tips and you will notice the awkwardness will start to go away.

While filming in Wynwood we hit a lot of different locations to showcase some of my favorite pieces.  Shout out to all the amazing artist that have pieces there. You can check out their website for more info, and I suggest taking a trip out there to see if yourself. It won't disappoint. 

This project is definitely the most colorful video we have done so far. I used the song " One Dance " by Drake because the grooviness of the song matched the Miami vibe I was feeling at the time.  I want to give a big shout out to the beautiful and talented Alexandria Creative for filming and editing the project. Make sure you check it out once it drops and I hope you dig it!