3 Tools To Get FIT

So I'm sure you have noticed the "Fitness" trend that is taking over lately.  Its like the 80's all over again... minus the leg warmers, headbands and men doing dance aerobics...  Well some men still do aerobics, but its not common.  Anyway, as much as I make fun of the "get fit" trend, I still think it's great because it helps introduce people to fitness and helps spread health awareness wellness...

But the big question is how does one "get fit'? There are so many ways that work for different body types, and then there are the "gimmicks" that just waste your time and money.  Well I'm going to break down the simple truth for you. There are 3 main things you need to build the body you want. 

1. A Driving Mentality

The most powerful and influential thing you own is your mind.  Before we act on anything we think about the pros and cons.  If you truly want to get fit, here is the simple truth, THERE ARE NO CONS!  To keep the "DRIVE" strong, it is best to stay positive towards every workout and clean meal.  Negative thoughts will only bring you down mentally and physically, making it almost impossible to reach your fitness goals.  No matter what you do in life, if you want to get anything done, you MUST make up your mind and stick to it!  A halfway commitment can end up with half results or even no results at all, so go all in!  When your body is telling you you're tired or not in the "mood",  that DRIVING MENTALITY has to kick in and say "get that booty up and do what needs to be done, because I've already made up my mind".  It sounds corny, but you really do have to believe in yourself and know you can do it...  Because you can! 

Here is a video of Someone I follow and look up to, Mike Rashid (dont be discouraged my his appearance, He's a super nice guy and very intelligent) is talking about the "power of the mind and human will"... You dont have to watch the whole thing.  The main message is from 1:52 to about 3:30 and if you want to watch the whole thing then go ahead... I did!

2. Smart Food

The scariest word that comes up when people talk about getting in shape is "diet".  Thats only because of the stigma that comes along with it.  When people think of dieting, they assume they have to eat like rabbits, eating plain veggies and water, but that's not the case at all.  It simply means you have to actually pay attention to what you eat.  There are so many AWESOME and healthy food choices out there, you just have to look.  Most fast food places are not taking your health into consideration at all, so you might want to stay away.  There are a few places that I call "fast enough food" restaurants that are very health conscious like Zoes Kitchen and Panera Bread.  For the most part, you just need to pay attention to the amount of fatty foods you eat like breads, pastas and sugars.  If the meal is ever deep fried, covered in grease or sugar, more than likely it's not a good idea for a regular meal.

 It's not always what you eat, but when and how much you eat.  Most people these days have backwards eating habits.  People are eating small or no breakfast at all and then they have a medium lunch and finally a huge dinner!  The meals are getting bigger when they should actually be getting smaller.  Breakfast should be the biggest meal to fuel your body and jump start your metabolism for the day and as the day goes by the meals should get smaller as you wind down for bed.  Now I'll go ahead and tell you now that eating cleaner is normally a little more expensive to eat out, so I personally prefer spending my money on the actual ingredients and cook my meals at home.  I can make my own healthy burgers, homemade fries... almost everything I would get "eating out" minus the high blood pleasure and I get to save my money.  Eating heathy has it's costs, but it's worth it... I mean it's only your HEALTH and LIFE we're talking about.

 3. "PROPER" Exercise

When you decide what your fitness goals are, it's best to have an ideal "LOOK" you want to go for or just some general idea.  That way you or your trainer can mold your body to your liking and you can track your PROGRESS.  If you want to be ripped, don't spend all your time doing yoga.  Not saying yogas bad, I love it! Just make sure the workout matches your goals, so you are not wasting your time and energy.  If you want to trim fat, lots of cardio and HIIT training (high intensity interval training).  If you want stronger muscles, you half to lift proper weights.  If you want to be more flexible then yoga and pilates it is!  Not every type of training program fits everyones body type and goals.  You have to find what formula fits you best, and I dont mean find the easiest workout plan that seems to good to be true. If it seems too easy and too good to be true, then it is... Im sorry...  Find the proper training plan, put in some serious work, sweat and build the body you've always wanted.  It's completely in your hands.

With that said, I urge you to stay CONSISTENT! The body that you have been unintentionally building your entire life isn't going to completely change in a month, but it will change.  If you stay constant, little by little you will start to feel better, stronger and see your body change before your eyes.  Just stay consistent and the results WILL come.  If you have any specific questions just leave a commit and I'll be sure to answer best I can.