Perfect Grip And NO Calluses


When you are doing any type of exercise that requires you to hold on to a metal bar, weather it's lifting weights or doing some kind of pull up variation, the main issue that occurs is the loss of grip.  Even if you are able to hold on for the duration of the workout, you still end up with irritating blisters.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm all in for toughing it out and I don't mind a few calluses, but not everyone is interested in that and towards the end of my workout, I just want to focus on the actual workout and the "pump" rather than my grip.  I believe I have found a pretty handy fix to this problem and it's not the average "cut off workout gloves".

If you are lifting heavy or yourself (bodyweight), your grip usually gives out before your muscles do, so what's the answer?....(drum roll)......  PIPE GLOVES!

Seriously, I don't use regular workout gloves anymore.  The standard "cut off workout gloves" don't cover your whole hand, so I would still get huge blisters and the material of the gloves break down in a few months.  The pipe gloves or mechanic gloves I've been using seem to last forever!  Most "workout gloves" are just made to add a little padding to your hands and a little grip and rip up in NO time (waste of $), but mechanic gloves are specifically made to grip metal pipes and are built super strong for heathy duty.  You can pretty much find them anywhere that sells tools, like Wal Mart, Home Depot, Lows or any local car or plumping store.  With these gloves, holding on to the bars or weights are no longer a problem and you can focus and get more out of your workout.

I hope this little tip helps you out.  If you have any feed back or anything fitness related you would like me to talk about please leave a comment below.  I hope you enjoy your next workout and remember to work smarter AND harder!